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A Disqus alternative

To do: Create comparison. And summarize not-blog-comments features.


Price and Hosting

Price per employee / month€2.5
External users
If you want to invite your customers or users.
50 external users per employee
Install on-premise€2.5


OpenID Connect (OIDC)€2.5
Microsoft ActiveDirectory€2.5
Microsoft AD FSvia OIDC?
Oktavia OIDC

Users, Groups, Permissions

Private communities€2.5
Public communities€2.5
User groups€2.5
Configure group
Configure everyone in a group at the same time, e.g. subscribe them to a category.
Ask a team
Post a question to a user group, without knowing who is the best person to ask.
Permission system
Grant read and write permissions on categories to user groups.

Discussions and Content

Tags€2.5 (partly done)

Large Discussions

Nested replies€2.5
Jump to parent comment€2.5
Find latest comments€2.5

Q&A and Knowledge Base

Questions and Answers€2.5
Anonymous Questions
If someone thinks his/her question is embarassing.
€2.5 (summer 2022)
Wikify posts€2.5


Post ideas€2.5
Sort by upvotes€2.5
Anonymous Ideas
So you won't judge an idea based on who posted it.
€2.5 (summer 2022)
Reveal authors after a while
If they're ok with that.
€2.5 (year 2022)

Blog comments

Blog comments€2.5


Not good chat€2.5

Integration capabilities

Read API€2.5
Write API€2.5

Custom themes

Custom colors and logos€2.5 (edit CSS)
Custom themes€2.5 (edit CSS)


Support via forum0
Support within approx a business day€2.5 (min €100 / mo)
Business hours supportLater in 2022 or 2023