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Talkyard — a Disqus alternative

Summary: If you're ok with showing ads, probably you might as well use Disqus (

Both Disqus and Talkyard can be embedded in an <iframe> below one's blog posts, to provide blog comments.

Talkyard does not show ads or track people. It's open source (Disqus is not), and tends to be more affordable, if you don't want to show ads. — Talkyard can also function as a discussion forum, should you want that. And supports custom user groups and permissions.

Disqus is free, if you're okay with them showing ads. Disqus has features Talkyard lacks: Star ratings, badges and gamification, shadow banning, timeouts, some AI moderation assistance already. (And more?). They're a bigger company: lower risk, better support and uptime guarantees.

Both Talkyard has features for larger discussions. Takyard lets you jump to the parent comment to refresh your mind, and then jump back to where you were and continue reading. Disqus shows the parent comment if you hover over the in-reply-to name.


Price and Hosting

Price per month€3 – €8 per coworker ("/c")Free / $12 / $115 / Call-us
External usersUnmetered
Install on-premiseOpen source (open core)
Automatic upgrades
If on-premise. SaaS always auto upgrades.


Password + email login3/c
Social login3/c$0
Social login, even more$0
Guest login3/c$0
OpenID Connect (OIDC)5/ccontact sales
Microsoft ActiveDirectory5/ccontact sales
Microsoft AD FSvia OIDC?contact sales
LDAPcontact sales
Oktavia OIDCcontact sales
SCIM (8/c later)contact sales
SAML (later)contact sales

Users groups & Permissions


Blog comments

Blog comments3/c$0
Sort Best First3/c$0
Real time comments$0
Supports Google AMPYes
Read More widget$0
Subscriptions — no, wait, what is this?$115
Automatic newsletter with commentsYes
Many comment areas, same page3/c

Large Discussions

Sub threads3/c$0
Find latest comments3/c
Jump to parent comment & back3/c
Show parent on hover$0
Summarize large topics3/c (very basic)

Q&A and Knowledge Base






Misc widgets

Link previews3/c (limited)
Star ratings$115
Read More widget$0
Related content suggestions$0


Gamification badges$115
Create your own gamification badges$115


Email notifications3/c$0


Read API5/c$0
Write API5/c$0

Custom themes

Custom colors and logos3/c (edit CSS)$0


Usage and adoption metrics$115
Audience analytis$115
Popular content analytcis$115


Support via forum€0$0
Support within approx a business day5/c$12
Business hours support8/c$115
On-call support, weekends & holidayscontact salescontact sales
Uptime SLAcontact salescontact sales
Customer Success Managercontact salescontact sales

Security and Compliance

SOC 2 Certificationcontact sales


Make money via ads$0